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Paver Maintenance Services


Take care of your beautiful pavers


Paver Cleaning


All outdoor surfaces accumulate dirt and stains. These surfaces need periodic cleaning to maintain their beauty and performance. Our paver cleaning system will remove naturally occurring contaminants like dirt, mildew and moss. Mildew and moss often makes the surface slippery and dangerous to walk on especially when wet.

We can also eliminate most rust and oil stains by using selective cleaners.

Paver cleaning is the first step when preparing the pavers for sealing. We use a safe process to properly and effectively remove the dirt and grime turning those pavers from dirty to clean instantly! 

Efflorescence is a whitish residue that appears on the pavers’ surface. This residue occurs naturally in the curing process of concrete, if left alone it will usually fade away. We have products that will remove the efflorescence before the concrete or pavers are sealed.

Poly haze occurs when the polymeric joint sand leaves a residue on the paver surface that dulls their appearance. Our cleaning process will remove that haze to reveal the pavers color.

Are you thinking about selling your property? Most people want to keep their property looking clean and sharp especially when it is time to sell the property.


Paver Sealing and Recoating


Sealing your pavers or other materials protects them from the degrading effects of the environment. Your pavers are subject to the damaging effects of acid rain, extremes in weather, freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing salts, vehicular traffic, wind-blown dirt and weed seeds, construction dirt, moss and mold. Sealing provides a protective barrier from the elements.

Different conditions require different types of sealing products

Sealing will enhance the colors in your pavers and bring out the natural beauty of materials like flagstone, travertine, and brick. There are varying levels of enhancement that can be achieved by using different sealers. Some sealers will give a wet look and darken the pavers while others will protect the pavers with little change to their appearance. We also have color tinting available that will enhance the colors present in the pavers.

The sealers we use are environmentally safe, non-toxic water based sealers that will not harm vegetation or pet and will provide a long lasting luster.

Give us a call to clean your pavers to give your home that clean curb appeal! 

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