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TruMaintenance power washed the entire exterior of the house.

I used the power wash and that worked out perfectly. They arrived on time, and everything was done well. They came when I was leaving, and they were gone when I got home from work. The house looks great. I would use them again.

Shankar K.,   Chatham, NJ

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   In New Jersey’s harsh summer and winter climate, regular deck refinishing is especially important. TruMaintenance refinish service will save you the time and hassle while maintaining the value of your deck. TruMaintenance’s proven products and techniques can refinish and upgrade the beauty of your deck and home. Make your deck look like new again, click or call TruMaintenance for a free refinish consultation, information or quotation.. Washing

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Getting the most mileage out of your outdoor living space.

Wooden Decks receive constant abuse from the elements, but with periodic cleaning and refinishing, we can protect it and keep them looking their best.

Most decks should be cleaned and sealed, stained regularly to protect wood components.

Even decks made out of composite material should be washed annually. Also, every deck should be checked regularly for signs of rot and ensure structural integrity.

A great way to tell if your old stain or sealer is still protecting your deck, is to throw some water on the deck, if the water stays on top and doesn’t soaks in, you still have a great coat of protection on your deck. If the water soaks in the wood, your deck needs to be cleaned and sealed/stained.


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