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Costumer Testimonials

They came to my house right on time and proceeded to work,.A very nice person. He power washed my entire house and made it look new again!

I would use him again for all his services. I had no complaints about the work that was done.

Margaret R.,   Lincoln Park, NJ

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Established 2010

TruMaintenance LLC is young, but strong company.  We are true professionals Cleaning Company, with high standards and big ambitions. There is no doubt in our mind that we will put all the effort and all our experience to make sure that the job is done in the best way and customers are satisfied. All this can be accomplished in couple easy ways; this is what we do every day at work:

- on- time arrival

- courtesy and politeness

- respect for customer and his property

- clean and neat clothing, vehicles and personnel.

- professionalism and honesty.

Meet the Business Owner: Sergiu Proca

One of the main things in providing the best customer service is to listen; and we listen. For us is very important to leave a good impression and become friends with customers. We want to be remembered for who we are and what we do. We are trying to leave all personal problems at home so in job we can perform impeccable work and customer service.

We are very motivated and we have high standards; in this way to achieve company's goals it's just the matter of time. TruMaintenance aims high. We have a really good equipment, we are doing a great job, and this is how we build our business.

All life you live-you learn. We are self improving by looking up information online about new products and methods of improving the company everyday . Visiting different home maintenance shows and reading news papers helps us to stay up to date with the equipment and new tendencies in work we do. All this and the experience that we have are our guideline.

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